Nollaig Shona!

Nollaig Shona!

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In defence of Kieran Rose – 22/12/2015

In my experience planners worth their salt have opinions. Kieran Rose is an experienced planner. What is wrong with planners (or indeed public officials in general) articulating differing views? The alternative is a shade of institutionalised “group-think”, a slow slide into the prevailing “wisdom” of the time, something we know all about in the Ireland […]

History of use of Section 139 powers within Dublin City Council

(Used by Dublin City Council to halt refurbishment of O’Devaney Gardens as temporary accomodation for Homeless Familes): Q.120  COUNCILLOR NAOISE Ó MUIRÍ To ask the Chief Executive to please provide me with a full history of the use within Dublin City Council (and prior to that, Dublin Corporation) of the Section 139 device  (or similar) […]