Planning Application 3899/15 invalidated by DCC – 03/12/15

Planning application 3899/15 (St Pauls Playing Pitches – Raheny) has just been classed as invalid by Dublin City Council for the following reason:

Following an initial broad assessment of the observations made associated with this application it has been brought to the attention of the Planning Authority that the applicant stated on the application form “Crekav Landbank Developments Ltd” is not a registered company in the Companies Registration Office. Following a search on the Companies Registration Office database The Planning Authority I note that this is in fact the case and that the Company reference number stated on the application form No. 547608 corresponds with Crekav Landbank Investments Ltd. As the applicant stated is not considered a legal entity the application does not comply with Article 22 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended). The application is therefore considered invalid.