Water Supply Problems in Killester – 27/12 11am

Receiving reports of very poor to non-existent water pressure in Killester (Dunluce. Furry Park and Middle Third thus far…) this morning. Reported problems to City Council and spoke to City Council management:

(1) Speed of thaw has caused a huge upsurge in demand for water – extra 60 million litres gone out of the sytem in an 18-hour period; likely cause is burst mains

(2) Scrambling of maintenance crews to start dealing with water breaks has started

(3) Engineers from the 4 Dublin local authorities are meeting at 12noon today to review the situation and plan the response;  demand management will be a crucial part

(4) Communication will be key – Michael Philips, City Engineer likely to be on RTE’s “news at one” today explaining the situation

(5) Supply tankers also being mobilized but likely to be tomorrow before they are available in local areas including Killester

(6) Killester situation likely to have been exacerbated by the valve freezing problem in Fairview Park on Christmas day.

Next update due out from Dublin City Council shortly after 1pm.