Update On Water Supply – Wednesday 15/12 4pm

Dear Councillor,

The situation as of last night (Tue 13th) was production 550.5Mld and demand 548.9Mld a net gain of 1.6Mld.

There is still pressure on production as we are doing some cleaning of beds in Roundwood. We have reviewed the situation again today and being cognisant of requests for alteration of the regime to facilitate evening business and indeed from householders we have decided to revise the regime of restrictions within the city  as follows:

Wednesday Night (15th) as already notified – 7pm to 7am
Thursday Night (16th)                                  – 10pm to 7am
Friday Night (17th)                                       – 10pm to 9am
Saturday Night (18th)                                  – 10pm to 9am
Sunday Night (19th)                                    – 7pm to 7am

The other local authorities in the Dublin Region will be implementing similar restrictions in their areas depending on local operating conditions.

The situation will be reviewed again on Monday but we want to signal now that it is our intention not to have any cut offs from the 23rd to the 28th.
We appreciate that calls and complaints are increasing because of the ongoing nature of the situation. But as you will see from the figures we are really only doing the minimum to maintain storage levels as opposed to increasing them to what will be required for the January period. We are hoping with the cold spell over the weekend and early into next week that we do not have further wastage through tap running etc.

Yours Sincerely,

John Tierney
City Manager