Update on Priory Hall, Donaghmede – Ó Muirí

Dublin City Council Update

Dublin North Central- Donneycarney

4th May, 2010

Update on Priory Hall, Donaghmede – Ó Muirí

In September and October 2009 a Fire Safety Notice and Enforcement Notice were served on Coalport Building Co. Ltd. and other parties. In December 2009 Coalport agreed to undertake upgrading fire safety works on a phased basis to be completed and certified no later than 18 February 2010. This timescale and later ones have not been met.

When inspected by Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) on 10 March 2010 significant works, particularly at basement level, remained. At a meeting on site between Dublin City Council and Coalport, on 11 March 2010, the following was agreed:

Coalports fire safety consultant, MSA, Fire Safety Engineers, would prepare a draft Schedule of Remaining Works and programme and submit same to Dublin Fire Brigade for comment / approval.
Following the agreement of the above programme Coalport /MSA would attend weekly meetings with DFB and that Coalport would prepare a schedule of works completed during the previous week and that this would be circulated to residents and Councillors each week.

Since the meeting of 11 March 2010 a draft Schedule of Works, with no programme, was received by DFB from MSA. Upon receipt of same, DFB inspected the building, on 31 March 2010, and amended the Schedule and returned it to Coalport / MSA and requested a programme.

DFB has not received a reply to this request. The first of the agreed weekly Progress Site Meetings between MSA and DFB is arranged for Tuesday 13 April 2010. Following this meeting, and subsequent weekly meetings, a report will be circulated to residents and Councillors.

Please note the following report was issued by the Developer to the Area Office on 13th April 2010. We have not had independent confirmation of the works completed by the Senior Executive Fire Prevention Officer.

Since March 11th the works have involved:


The completion of the installation of the fire hose reel system and supporting infrastructure in both car parks. Water is now running to the hoses.

The installation of additional signage and emergency lighting in the car parks

The installation of smoke heads in each bin store in the car parks integrated into the fire alarm system.

The readdressing of the smoke heads in each of the basement lobbies so that once the smoke heads detect smoke they will activate the vent system.

The readjusting and repair of most fire doors in each car park storage area to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

The adjustment of a number of apartment entrance doors to ensure that the gaps at the bottom are complying with fire safety regulations.

The construction of proper fire riser shafts in 19 blocks have been completed. Two of those blocks are currently waiting on delivery of access panels.

Completion of the deconstruction of the Magnet electronic rooms in each basement.


Water ingress in the stairwells in the South Block has been examined and tackled by Munster Joinery. They are expected back on site next week to begin work on similar problems in the North Block. However, we are asking them to re-examine some of their work in the South Block after reports from residents that there were still signs of water ingress in one block.

The discoloration at the front of the building and the graffiti at Block 20 is currently being addressed.

The painting of the railings around the ground apartments will be carried out shortly by the management company. Paint has been ordered.

All fire protected risers worked on have been skimmed. The fire protected risers in each block will be painted once work has been completed. Most of this work is in its final stages.

The areas of most former Magnet electronic rooms in the basement have been slabbed and are currently being skimmed. They will be painted upon completion of skimming.

Work is ongoing in apartments where residents have complained of water ingress. Where necessary PVC sills are being replaced with concrete sills.

The replacing of skirting in the common areas is currently under way.

Work is ongoing to clear the build up of building waste and material for behind the hoarding at the end of the development.

Professional advice is being taken on how to protect the lift pits from water penetration.

Professional advice is being taken on how to stop water ingress from the retaining walls in the car parks.

Adjusting push buttons in each of the lifts in all blocks is to begin as soon as an arrangement is reached with the lift company which is currently on site so that all push buttons are restored to their original location and the lifts restored to full working order.

All areas around the lift push buttons are to be repaired, skimmed and painted.

A structural survey of the building has been carried out the engineer. We are currently awaiting his report.

The road is to be completed with the required finish.