Update on Motocross Facility at Alfie Byrne Road

September 2010 

Re:       Motorcycle Track Project – Alfie Byrne Road Open space

Following presentation of the proposal  to the North Central Area Committee, agreement was reached with Dublin City Motor Cross Club and Motor Cycling Ireland to carry out the construction  of the proposed track at the open space at Alfie Byrne Road.

Construction commenced on site in early summer and has consisted of the excavation of material, importation of suitable soil , the formation of the jumps and features of the motorcycle track, and the  placement of boundary. The development of the track is nearing completion and Motorcycling Ireland through Dublin City Motorcycle Club, have been carrying out tests of the features constructed.

Parks and Landscape Services Division proposes to grant a letting/licence to Dublin City Motorcycling Club to use this track. The proposed letting/licence(Copy attached) which includes 15 no. conditions, including conditions relating to controls and insurances, has been forwarded to this club for their signing.

It is anticipated that this club will hold their first events at this track facility towards the end of September 2010 subject to the licence agreement being completed. Communication with the club will be ongoing to address any concerns that may arise from the use of the facility.

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Eoin Ward                                                       Gerry Barry       

Senior Exec. Parks Superintendent                  City Parks Superintendent