Update on hogweed in Gáirdíni Léin

Update on hogweed in Gáirdíni Léin

Raised the above at the City Council last night on foot of contact from local residents – see below response from the Chief Executive – expect it will be addressed shortly.

Question to the Chief Executive                             Council Meeting 4th September 2023


To ask the Chief Executive please organise for (a) removal of the hogweed growing down by the river in Gairdíni Léin as set out in the correspondence below (details supplied) and (b) tackle the edges of the roads in the estate where the weeds have grown out of control as also set out below (details supplied).

Details Supplied: “

Myself and the neighbours in Gairdini Lein, Raheny have contacted Dublin City Council on multiple occasions about the overgrowth down by the river.
We have sent pictures showing the growth of hogweed which is dangerous for dogs and children and yet none of us have received a response other than the generic email reply. I’m aware one of my neighbours has also like me emailed yourselves and as of yet received no response.I’ve contacted some of you before about drug dealing in the area and this overgrowth does nothing to deter that. I’d appreciate if you can ask Dublin City Council to look at getting this issue sorted as soon as possible before a child is hurt.
You might also ask them to have a look at the edges of the road in the estate that also have weeds grown out of control.

I’ve attached some pictures for you to see the issue. 


We are aware of the location and will be cutting back the vegetation as soon as possible.

Contact: Joseph O’reilly