Update on Fairview Pedestrian Bridge

Report to North Central Area Committee – November 2010

Fairview Park Footbridge

Further to our reports to the North Central Area Committee of July and October 2010 on the Fairview Park footbridge, the Roads and Traffic Department propose to retain the existing pedestrian over-bridge in its current form, including for the retention of the existing pedestrian access ramps, and to completely refurbish the bridge including pedestrian access ramps.  It is proposed that these works be implemented in 2011, subject to funding being made available.  The current estimated cost of these works is €250,000.

It is currently proposed to initiate an engineering inspection of the structure to identify in detail the exact works, and method of implementing the works, to be carried out on the structure.  As a minimum, it is proposed that these refurbishment works will consist of the removal of the existing corrosion protection and paint system and to apply a new corrosion protection and paint system.  It is also currently proposed to replace the existing pedestrian surfacing material to the bridge deck and access ramps.  Other works on the bridge may be identified by the engineering inspection to be carried out.

The proposed works, which are subject to funding, are not planned to change the arrangement of the bridge or its access ramps from its current arrangement.  The planned refurbishment works will retain the bridge structure in order to provide the current and past level of service for pedestrians. 

The Roads and Traffic Department are proposing the refurbishment of the Fairview Park pedestrian over-bridge as a project to be considered for inclusion within the budget for the year 2011.

John W. Flanagan, Senior Engineer, Roads & Traffic Department.