Update on Clontarf to Amiens St Cycleway – 18/05/2015

On Tuesday 5th May we met the National Transport Authority to discuss approval to commence the pre-Part VIII for the Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route. It has been concluded that additional input is required into public realm issues of the project, particularly relating to landscape architectural design, as the Clontarf to Amiens Street Cycle Route is the most important cycle route on the north side of the city, is a strategic public transport corridor and a potential Bus Rapid Transit route. In this regard, a landscape architect has been employed to prepare drawings indicating proposed tree and shrub planting along the route and  increase connectivity between Fairview Village and Fairview Park.


This additional landscape design detail has impacted on the project programme in terms of the preparation of a Pre-Part 8 presentation to the North Central Area Committee, which we have now scheduled for  the June North Central Area Committee meeting.


We regret the delay in preparing this presentation but would estimate that it will not significantly impact on the construction of the project which is scheduled for  early 2016.

Christopher K Manzira

Chartered Engineer