Update on City Council Swimming Pools

Letter from City Manager to Council Group Leaders – dated 27/05/10

Re:  Swimming Pools at Coolock, Sean McDermott Street and Crumlin

Dear All,
I have had a number of representations in recent days regarding the above including a proposal to hold a Group Leaders Meeting and also notice of a motion to be put to the June Meeting of the Council.
You will recollect that at the April Meeting of the Council a report was presented regarding the Swimming Pools. It was discussed at the meeting and a motion was put and carried.  Management were requested to give further consideration to alternative proposals and to make every effort to find the resources to keep the pools open if at all possible. I agreed to work with the Council, go through the finances and explore all possible options.
I am currently carrying out a financial review with the Head of Finance and as you are well aware our resource base continues to shrink. However, as part of this review I have asked the Culture, Recreation and Amenity Department to again examine the potential for the Swimming Pools to be retained for a further period.
I am going on annual leave on Monday (and will be out of the country visiting family). I will return to work on Monday 21st June 2010 and would be happy to facilitate a meeting of the Group Leaders immediately I return. It was always my intention (knowing I was away for the June meeting) to bring a further report on the Pools to the July meeting. It is also important that we have mid year figures on overall finances in considering this matter.
I have had a number of meetings with the Lord Mayor on this issue and, in discussions yesterday, I advised her how I am proceeding.  I can assure we are trying to find ways to keep the pools open, certainly until the next budgetary process at the end of the year.
I hope you can appreciate that we are striving to find a resolution to the current situation.
John Tierney
Dublin City Manager