Terms of Lease of the Alfie Byrne Facility to Dublin City Motor Cross Club

Published on this website in the interests of transparency.

Motor Scrambling Track at Alfie Byrne Road – General Conditions of Letting

The letting of the Motor Scrambling Track at Alfie Byrne Road is granted to the Dublin City Motor Cross Club (DCMCC) on a year to year basis subject to the club undertaking to bide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. The scrambling track at Alfie Byrne Road which is owned by Dublin City Council is being made available on an annual letting to Dublin City Motor Cross Club contact address :…………..on a year to year basis renewable annually on the 1st January each year.


  1. It is a condition of this letting that DCMCC is a properly constituted sporting club and is affiliated to Motor Cycling Ireland and in good standing with that body.


  1. DCMCC accepts that the usage of the track is confined to bona fide members of the club only and approved visitors and will ensure as far as practicable that no other users will be allowed on the track. 


  1. DCMCC agrees that Dublin City Council is fully indemnified against all claims that may arise and that it carries full and adequate insurances in respect of both active participants, or involved in anyway in motor cycling activity. 


  1. It is condition of this letting that DCMCC accepts that the track has been constructed to an acceptable standard for motor scrambling by Motor Cycling Ireland under an agreement with Dublin City Council. 


  1. DCMCC members shall use authorised entrances only to gain entry and exit to the track.


  1. DCMCC will provide adequate supervision and stewarding for all usage of the track. 


  1. DCMCC will be responsible for the behaviour of visitors using the track.


  1. DCMCC shall satisfy itself that the track is fit for purpose and safe to use on an ongoing basis before usage.


  1. DCMCC shall allow usage of the track from 10am each morning and no later than one hour before dusk each evening. 


  1. DCMCC shall be responsible for the removal of all litter generated in the track area. 


  1. No permanent signage can be erected or displayed unless with the express permission of Dublin City Council.


  1. DCMCC shall ensure that noise levels generated through the usage of the track do not breach statutory requirements and that any conditions required by the City Councils Environmental Health Section be fully complied with.  In this regard DCMCC shall carry out regular noise monitoring of the track when in full usage and shall not allow noise thresholds to be breached; and shall not permit any motor cycle not fully compliant with noise regulations to be used on the track.


  1. No building or structure shall be permitted on the site unless it is fully compliant with requirements of the appropriate Planning Acts.


  1. Dublin City Council reserves the right to terminate this letting should there be unacceptable breaches of the above conditions.