Sutton-to-Sandycove Cycleway & East Wall

There is intensive lobbying going on this weekend both for and against the proposed new bridge across the Tolka to carry cyclists (and pedestrians) into the East Wall area on their way to the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

The S2S cycle-way is an important piece of strategic infrastructure for this city. As I understand it the proposal is to:

  • Carry cyclists on the Alfie Byrne road
  • Build a new bridge (beside the existing railway bridge) across the Tolka River and bring the cyclists onto West Road
  • An enhanced cycleway down West Road then brings the cyclists towards the city
  • At some stage they cross the Royal Canal (over a new bridge I believe) and then make their way down to the Samuel Beckett bridge where they cross the Liffey.

What I am NOT seeing from objectors is a reasonable alternative; the only option being mooted is East Wall road which is not realistic as:

  • It is busy and dangerous – HGVs still skulk along that route every now and then
  • It takes cyclists further away from (presumably) where many of them want to go
  • It also takes cyclists to the East Link bridge…which doesn’t carry cyclists…

Thoughts welcome.