St Annes Park – Update on Repair of Basketball Courts

Question to City Manager               City Council Meeting 06/12/2010


Can the Manager please organise for new hoops x 2 and new nets x 2 to be installed at the courts beside Wades Avenue adjacent to St. Anne’s. Basketball skills are taught in Scoil Assaim and Scoil Aine, so this little park is the only out of hours area to play during the short evenings. A bout of vandalism earlier on in the year resulted in the hoops/nets being damaged so it is currently unusable.


This location is subject to frequent and ongoing vandalism which has included damage to the hoops and nets and the frequent breaking of glass bottles on the playing court. 

The Parks and Landscape Services Division proposes to replace damaged hoops and nets at this basketball/football area early in 2011 subject to confirmation of the availability of the necessary resources, and will continue regular clean-up operations with respect to broken glass.