Severe Weather Update – Sunday 28th November – 6.15 pm

The Council has been spreading salt on all national primary,secondary and appropriate regional roads. In addition all main public transport routes and cross connecting routes are receiving salt. The Council has adequate stockpiles of salt and further quantities are available if required. The NRA have been tasked to source all salt supplies for the Country.

The Council will also be mobilizing additional workforce of 500 on Monday morning (29th November) to commence clearing footpaths, shopping areas and public transport hubs. Crews will initially be working in the same areas as last January when the previous cold spell occurred.

The Council would encourage all householders and shopkeepers to attend to the footpaths outside their dwelling and premises, particularly where no salting of the roads has been carried out. Legal opinion provided to the minister states that where common sense is applied to the clearing of footpaths then there will be no liability attaching.

Met Eireann forecast that this severe weather will continue, at least ,to next weekend.
The following websites may be of interest for additional information on travel services and precautions that be taken for a safe journey:<><><><><><><><>