Report on CCTV for Tennis Courts in St. Anne’s Park

Dublin City Council Update

Dublin North Central- Raheny

4th May, 2010

Report on CCTV for Tennis Courts in St. Anne’s Park

With regards to the proposal of installing a CCTV system for the car park, The Parks and Landscape Services have contacted CCTV suppliers to ascertain the cost of security cameras. As stated in previous report, the costs will be in region of €3,500 with a recommendation that 3 anti- vandal cameras be employed to completely cover the area.

Currently there are no resources within St Anne’s Park to station dedicated personnel to view monitors continuously and considering the present employment embargo there is no possibility to employ new staff to do so.

However, the CCTV system proposed has the option of allowing a monitor to be installed in a safe box in the small pavilion in the Tennis court. A 24 hour recorded loop system would be used with the ability to view real time if necessary. At present the Tennis Pavilion is staffed to allow for the tennis courts and Golf course to be managed, it may be possible as duties allow, for the personnel to occasionally keep a watching brief on the monitor.

The Parks and Landscape Services Division of Dublin City Council are familiar with the anti-social problems concerning the car park at the tennis courts in St. Anne’s Park. Signs advising people to be responsible when parking their cars have been erected and it is noted that at present there has been no current complaints regarding the Tennis Court Car Park or Car Parks in St. Anne’s.

The Parks and Landscape Services Division has always encouraged people to be reasonable when parking their cars in St. Anne’s by not leaving their cars unattended with possessions visible that may be stolen leading to malicious damage and off course loss of personal items. The Parks and Landscape Service Division has no objection to CCTV but without any budget to implement the proposal it cannot see how it could be installed in the short term.

Response from:
Noel McEvoy, Executive Parks Superintendent, DCC and Eoin Ward,Senior Executive Parks Superintendent, DCC.