Report on Allocation of Spaces for Community Gardens or Allotments

Huge interest in this area around the City – am posting this report up on the site so people know what is going on.

To the Chairperson and Members of The Central Area Committee                                                                                                                

Re: Allocation of spaces for Community Gardens or Allotments  

Following several requests for use of Dublin City Council land by individuals and groups it became necessary for Dublin City to draw up a guidance document governing the criteria & general conditions for the allocation of spaces for community gardens or allotments on City Council property. 

It has been agreed with the Development Department that this matter will be overseen and administered by the Area Offices.  Particular sites will not be identified in advance and expressions of interest will not be sought for various individual spaces but if submissions are received from individuals or interested groups for the use of particular sites they will be examined on their merits on a case by case basis having regard to the aforementioned criteria & general conditions.  Details of same are set out hereunder:-

 (a)   The Group (general):

 Comprehensive submission required including reference to:-


  • Organisational experience/skills of applicants.

Have they been involved in anything else of a community nature?

Who will organise the group?

  • Is there a planned process for the gardeners to make decisions, solve problems and resolve conflict? How will individual applicants to use the plots be dealt with?  What if plots are not being used…time limited before being passed on to next applicant?
  • If the group is not a legal entity is there an individual(S) who will take legal responsibility and sign the legal documentation.  Preference for groups to become legal entities. 
  • Contact details for responsible individuals.  Bank account in existence
  • Group will need to obtain Public Liability Insurance in the amount of €6.4m
  • The group should be aware that the Council’s policy of social inclusion should apply and that they should have no political affiliations as a group, as distinct from indvidually, and be a voluntary, not for profit organisation.
  • How many people will be involved?  Who are they?  If children are going to be involved will there be adequate supervision.
  • Awareness of Health & Safety issues
  • Who selects the users of the allotments and what profiling of individuals (if any) is done?

(b)   Groups input/needs

  • Have they funding for the project?
  • How much of the work will they undertake themselves?
  • What will they require from the City Council?
  • Will there be a financial cost to the City Council?
  • Is Project sustainable going forward? 

 (c)   The Land:

  • Outline of the group’s plan for the garden – communal gardening or allotments?
  • Prohibition on certain activities (e.g. fowl and animals)and erection of structures except in specific circumstances to be agreed with Dublin City Council
  • Schedule of works for creating the garden/allotments and timelines
  • Sustainability and plan for water etc as DCC will not be providing mains water supply
  • Sites will be checked fully for suitability by DCC – presence of underground services, contaminants, ease of access, overhead lines etc. may be an impediment

The council’s future plans for the site will influence duration of licences and may require that the licence may be granted under Section 211 of the Planning & Development Act 2000, which governs the sale, leasing, licensing and exchange of lands by a local authority. Groups should fully understand and agree to this in advance and understand that there is no onus on the City Council to provide alternative sites when the use of a particular site is ended. This report is submitted for noting.

Charlie Lowe,

Executive Manager