Prospecting for Oil in Dublin Bay?

Only joking…!

If you look hard you’ll see a Drilling Rig out in Dublin Bay just off Poolbeg.

The appearance of the Rig heralds the start of site investigation works associated with the building of an under-sea tunnel that will carry the water treated by the extension to the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Works. 

The marine site investigation work will cover the entire Dublin Bay area and extend as far as the Burford Bank. A number of marine vessels will be involved in carrying out a geophysical survey of the Bay. Up to two floating drilling platforms will also be used for drilling approximately 20 marine boreholes at locations across the Bay. The floating platforms and drilling rigs that will carry out this work will be clearly visible from the shore. This will provide the City Council with a detailed understanding of both the sea bed profile and the underlying bedrock geology of the Bay.

This particular exercise will extend into late Spring 2011.

And if they hit oil? Well thats a whole other story…..!