PRESS RELEASE – Reduce East Link Bridge toll to €1

PRESS RELEASE – Reduce East Link Bridge toll to €1

Thursday, January 7th 2016

Reduce East Link Bridge toll to €1, says Fine Gael Councillor

 Dublin City Council needs to play fair and reduce the cost of the East Link toll for Dublin motorists, said Fine Gael Councillor and General Election candidate for Dublin Bay North, Naoise Ó Muirí today (Thursday).

Dublin City Council now has full ownership of the East Link Bridge. The toll was initially implemented to re-pay the cost of building the bridge under a PPP-type arrangement and Dublin City Council officials have recommended maintaining the toll, as it provides a revenue stream for the Council.

“Maintaining existing tolling charges on the basis that they create an income stream for the Council totally misses the point that the bridge is already paid for. Annual maintenance costs amount to just €200,000. Even factoring in a sinking fund for long-term refurbishment costs, the Council will still be coining in far more money than is actually required” Councillor Ó Muirí stated.

“The toll is currently set at €1.75 for motorists. The East Link is the only bridge in Dublin City carrying a toll. By comparison, the Jack Lynch tunnel in Cork is free to use.

“Why do the Rebels get to go under the Lee for free yet Dubliners have to pay to cross over the mouth of the Liffey?.

“I will be writing to the relevant Dublin City Council committee to seek a toll reduction to €1. This is a win-win for City Council and motorists alike. Motorists using the bridge to get to and from work would be set to save €1.50 per day, while the City Council is still guaranteed an income which will provide for bridge maintenance and renewal.”