Press Release – Public Register needed for Derelict Sites Offenders

Wednesday, November 17th 2010

 Fine Gael Councillor Naoise Ó Muirí has called for a Public Register of information on outstanding Derelict Sites levies in Dublin City to be created.  The Councillor’s call comes on foot of a question he asked the City Manager at last month’s Council meeting, seeking details in relation to unpaid derelict site levies.

The levies owed on a particular property on the Northside, including arrears, amounted to €36,000 – that’s for just one property.  The property owner didn’t pay the levies and the matter was referred to Dublin City Council solicitors two and a half years ago.  The case continues and the levies remain unpaid.  This is just one example and no doubt there are many more.”

“Significant time and administrative effort is expended by Council staff on matters such as these, endeavouring to get site owners maintain their properties.  Many cases end up having to be pursued legally, which takes time and is expensive,” Councillor Ó Muirí pointed out.

”Currently, the courts seem to be the final route available to City Council to pursue these cases, but waiting lists for hearings are already far too long.”

“Assembling a Public Register for derelict sites levies would mean that information could be easily accessed and all records could be viewed by concerned residents or potential tenants. A faster and more hard-hitting approach to collecting levies, possibly via the Commercial Courts,  also needs to be brought into action,” he concluded.