PRESS RELEASE – FG candidate outlines Gormley’s true reason for clinging onto power

Wednesday, January 12th 2011

FG candidate outlines Gormley’s true reason for clinging onto power

Green Party Leader has buried extra waste charges for Dublin City residents in new Bill, says Ó Muirí

Fine Gael Councillor and General Election candidate for Dublin North Central Naoise Ó Muirí today revealed the Green Party Leader’s real motivation behind staying in government until the final hour.

 “Since announcing late last year that they intended to pull the plug on the Government this month, the Greens appear to have lost their nerve and seem intent on hanging in there until the last possible moment.  Details within the Environment Bill, which was published yesterday, paint the real picture,” he explained.

 “Included within the draft legislation is the Minister’s plan to introduce an  incineration levy, which will have hefty cost implications for residents within the Dublin City Council area” Councillor Ó Muirí explained.  “The existing landfill levy is €30 per tonne, but Minister Gormley is quadrupling this to €120 for incineration.  This will mean an additional waste charge of approximately €88.20 per annum for hard-pressed households in the Dublin region.

 “Minister Gormley spent much of yesterday dodging questions about the appropriateness of the Taoiseach playing golf with Seán Fitzpatrick – his reluctance to take a stand has baffled many.  Now we know why – Minister Gormley has his own personal agenda he wants to see realised before his time in power is up.

 “Is the passage of this Waste bill Gormley’s bottom line for continued support for Fianna Fáil?”