Dublin Airport should be named after cultural icon – Ó Muirí

Cllr Naoise Ó Muirí, Fine Gael, has called on the Government to name Dublin airport after one of Ireland’s major cultural icons in line with it’s own
strategy of Irish cultural promotion.

It has been reported in the media over the last number of days that the
Government is proposing to re-name Dublin Airport “Seán Lemass Airport Dublin”
once Terminal II opens in the Autumn.

This is a politically-motivated proposal and is partisan and divisive – surely
one major Irish airport already named after a Fianna Fáíl taoiseach (Lynch) is
enough for Fianna Fáil?

I propose instead that the airport be renamed after one of Ireland’s major icons
in the fields of culture & literature – Joyce, Yeats or a more contemporary

In my view this would be entirely consistent with the Government’s promotion of
Ireland as an international cultural centre and with the appointment of Gabrlel
Byrne as Ireland’s first cultural ambasssdor in March this year.