OECD Report and the Irish Economy

RTE carried a brief item on the latest OECD report on the Irish economy, which can be seen at the following link:


Embedded within the report are two sentences that will together run a chill down the spine of the unemployed Joes/Josephines in Ireland:

” The latest OECD projections suggest that in Ireland the expected recovery is unlikely to be sufficiently vigorous to reabsorb rapidly the current high levels of unemployment. Indeed, there is a significant risk that the temporary hike in unemployment becomes structural and discouraged job losers grow permanently disconnected from the labour market. ”

So the OECD says – significant risk of structural, long-term unemployment…

Yet the Minister for Finance is on the national air-waves today stating that “our plan is working” and ” we must stick with it”.

No plan.  Same government.  More propaganda.