New Website for Parnell Square Cultural Quarter

Dublin City Council has launched a new website at <> to promote the City Library and new cultural facilities at Parnell Square Cultural Quarter.

<> will provide a forum for engagement for all those with an interest in the new City Library and cultural facilities. As well as providing a platform for Dublin City Council to tell people about the project, in words, images, and video, the site will facilitate consultations and online discussions about the project, so that  Dubliners can help shape the future of the Square. features stories and photo galleries related to Parnell Square’s social and architectural history, as well as its connection to many of the nation’s major events and celebrations.

Read about or watch a film of the conversations held last summer during the first phase of consultation at  These conversations identified a desire for a vibrant and modern Square, bustling with quirky, family-friendly spaces full of informal and spontaneous creative activity, with a sense of the inside spilling outside to the public realm being seen as the key to the success of the development. It should be a place which reflects modern Irish identity, along with the heritage of the area. There were many ideas and suggestions for use of cultural space in the new library complex and integrated buildings.

As the project to develop the new City Library and cultural facilities progresses, the website will be updated with news of that progress, highlighting news and events, and connecting strongly with a social media presence. will promote the City Library and cultural facilities at Parnell Square Cultural Quarter as a significant development for Dublin and for those who live in, work in, or visit the City.

The site was commissioned and is managed by Dublin City Public Libraries.