Latest on Parnell Square Cultural Quarter – November 2016

Latest on Parnell Square Cultural Quarter – November 2016

Question to the Chief Executive                             Council Meeting 07th NOV 2016


Can the Chief Executive please deal with the following (details supplied)

Details:    Can the Chief Executive please provide a full report on progress on the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter including current status, resources expended thus far, projected completion date and estimated final capital costs.


A full project status report was given to the Central Area Committee on the 11th October. The report is available here:

Declan Wallace, ACE is now the project sponsor and one of the DCC representative on the PSQ Foundation.

At project announcement the estimated project construction cost was known to be in the region of 60 million (Ex VAT). Now that stage 2 (a) Sketch Design has been completed, more is known about the full anticipated costs of the project

The current available costs estimates are as follows;

Construction Costs €61,541,593
Non-construction costs €10,594,473
Construction contingency   €2,500,000
Construction inflation €14,303,294
VAT €12,973,140

Non construction costs and detailed information regarding the additional refurbishment costs for the existing Georgian Houses were not fully known till sketch design stage was concluded

Estimated project milestones are as follows:


Submission for planning 2017


Construction commencement in 2018


Project completion 2021.


Contact:                      Margaret Hayes