Height and the Development Plan 2011-2017

This is the second post on the above topic and should be read in conjunction with the first to understand the full “skinny” on height-related matters in the latest draft of the new Development Plan.


A Local Area Plan (LAP) will be prepared for all areas in the city identified either as mid-rise or high-rise. The LAP will determine the maximum height of buildings in these areas.


Will be required for all proposed low-rise to mid-rise buildings that EXCEED the prevailing height in the vicinity by 2 or more storeys.  Statement will include (a) a context/area analysis including an appraisal of the area around the site (b) design principles which have been applied to the site including e.g. impact on amenities including sunlight and (c) drawings, perspectives and photomontages to show how the design approach has been applied to the site.


Will be in accordance with: 

  • DoEHLG guidelines on Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas
  • Policies and targets in the Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022

Thats it – in a nutshell.