General Update on Water Situation – 03/01

Dear Councillor,

The water supply situation to 12.00am last night was as follows:

2nd January 2011                               – Production 543.4Mld                   Demand               – 507Mld

This means we gained 36Mld during the day. Storage at Stillorgan is 581Mld this morning. 

Given this rate of progress we brought forward the review to this morning. We are very conscious that the restrictions (because of the nature of the system) have affected some more than others. We explained the reasons for this to Councillors at the original briefing session on the 7th December 2010.

However we intend to stagger the cut offs from tonight so that those areas most affected will only be cut off every second night.  Therefore you should refer to the separate email from Laura Walsh and also to the website for the exact details of the restrictions and cut offs each day.

The base hours for restrictions and cut offs over the next few days are set out below:

Monday 3rd Jan (today) (pressure reductions and cut-offs)        – 6pm to 7am 4th Jan
Tuesday 4th Jan (pressure reductions and cut offs)                            – 7pm to 7am 5th Jan
Wednesday 5th Jan (pressure reductions and cut-offs)                     – 7pm to 7am 6th Jan
Thursday 6th Jan (pressure reductions and cut-offs)                           – 7pm to 7am 7th Jan

The situation will be monitored on a daily basis. Depending on how the weather evolves and trends in demand up to the weekend our intention is to be back to a situation of pressure reductions only by next Monday 10th January 2011. But we will keep you advised in this regard during the week.

Yours Sincerely,

John Tierney
City Manager