Fairview/Marino – Recent Water Supply Issues

(can anybody spot a straight answer…!)


17th January 2011

 Q.36     Question in the name of Councillor Naoise O’Muiri

“In relation to the recent water supply problems in the Marino/Fairview area can the           manager:

 – provide a list of all burst mains incidents identified in the Marino/Fairview area since      Christmas Day

 – indicate approximately how many calls/complaints were received from DCC from this area in relation to this issue

  – confirm how many main water supply routes are coming into     Marino/Fairview and       where they come in.”


 We are still involved in the find and fix phase of dealing with the impacts of the severe weather. The information on all bursts is not available as yet.

It is not possible to provide the type of detailed precise information in relation to the complaints received from specific areas.

 The distribution network is complex and interlinked. There is then a system of leakage control areas which monitor and control the way water is fed into an area. The trunk system that feeds into the larger zones is also interconnected.

The supply route into the Marino/Fairview area depends on the exact location. Part of the area is fed from a combination of Stillorgan via Merrion Gates and Cookstown via the North City Main and Fairview Park. Another part is fed from Cookstown via the North City Main and Mobhi Road.

 North Central Area Manager