Fairview – Update RE Missiles on Cadogan Road

Organised a meeting between Cadogan Road residents and City Council housing officials today. Single agenda item – the irregular arrival of missiles (marbles, bricks, hurls and even a golf club) across the Tolka from Ballybough House.

Following 4 items agreed:

  • Residents to organise a follow-up local meeting with the relevant community gardai from Fitzgibbon St
  • City Council to pursue a repositioning of the CCTV cameras in Ballybough House to take in the yard/play areas and thus provide a deterrent/source of identification for mis-behaviour
  • City Council to examine options for erecting screening/netting along the rear of a sub-section of Cadogan Rd on the basis of shared funding between DCC and local residents
  • Residents to always report concerns/issues RE anti-social behaviour at Ballybough House to BOTH the Gardai at Fitzgibbon St and Central Area Housing staff

Thanks to Brian, Gareth and Aidan for attending from DCC.