Fairview – Derelict Site Levies @ 18 Fairview Avenue Lower

Question to City Manager               City Council Meeting 01/11/2010


Can the Manager please provide me with the following details in relation to the unpaid derelict sites levies pertaining to 18 Fairview Avenue Lower:

  • – The name of the entity from whom the levies are due
  • – A breakdown of the amounts due for 2008 and 2009
  • – A timeline of the steps taken by DCC to recover these levies thus far
  • – Current status of related legal proceedings.


(1) This site is owned by Halcyon Homes Limited.

(2) Levy for 2008 – €18,000. Levy for 2009 – €18,000

 (3) The 2008 levy was demanded on 13th March 2008 with a final demand sent on 28th April 2008.  No payment was received and the case was referred to External Solicitors (contracted by Dublin City Council at that time) in May 2008.

The 2009 levy was demanded on 29th April 2009 with a final demand sent on 16th June 2009.  No payment was received and the case was referred to the Law Agent in September 2009.

 (4) Legal proceedings have now been instituted by the Law Agent in both cases for the recovery of the sums due and a Civil Bill has been served on Halcyon Homes Limited.