EPA Report on Drinking Water Quality

The Indo today seems to have gotten hold of a report on the above topic from the EPA to Government.  The report does not appear to be on the EPA site yet.

In fairness to Dublin City Council, the fact that they receive absolutely no mention in the media piece is testament to their ongoing engineering efforts to supply quality water to every rising main tap in the greater Dublin area (and beyond).  I recently visited the Ballymore-Eustace plant (currently being extended) and it really is an engineering marvel.

What caught my eye in the report below is the break-down of the various mechanisms of water supply across the entire country:

  • 87.5pc of the population are served by public water supplies
  • 8.2pc by group water schemes
  • 0.4pc by small private supplies
  • 3.9pc by private wells on single houses.

Thats an awful lot of private wells….!