Donnycarney/Beaumont – Update on Wad Flood Alleviation

Update from DCC Flood Defence Unit Engineers on flood protection design for the river Wad; in summary, progress is quite slow as (a) residents in Clanmoyle want an underground culvert option and (b) the number of other stakeholders involved (Golf Club and Iarnrod Eireann) means it will take time to agree everything.

Re: River Wad Catchment Study, Phase II – Update 11th November 2010

  1. FDU (Flood defence Unit) met and talked to more residents regarding the new culvert through the back gardens, (as part of the possible Clanmoyle scheme). Two underground options will be discussed with residents before presenting a final option. A topographical survey of the possible storage areas in the golf club took place on 12th October. A non-intrusive ground survey and other ground investigations took place on 9th and 11th (today) November. Results from this are due on Friday 18th November. Following training of DCC personnel a survey of drainage on Iarnrod Eireann land is also being organised. A borehole and trial hole survey of relevant sections of the golf course is programmed for late December.
  2. FDU also had discussions with Clontarf Golf Club but until the final proposal is complete these cannot be finalised. Clontarf Golf Club have been very courteous to all of these impositions on its playing schedules despite the closing of a number of golf holes for Health and Safety reasons.
  3. Iarnrod Eireann have plans to widen the railway line up to 10m into the golf course in the future and will have to be consulted on any final proposal. This would alter the possible storage volume afforded by the golf course.
  4. A section of the golf course around the old quarry is not listed as been owned by DCC or Iarnrod Eireann. DCC Law Department are attempting to establish the owners and any usage agreements on it. It is thought to have been bought directly by the golf club.
  5. Subject to the outcome of this process above, a formal application will be made to OPW for funding and approval.
  6. Assuming local residents, Clontarf golf club and Iarnrod Eireann, support proposals for Clanmoyle Scheme, a Part 8 planning procedure is also required. An application will also have to be made to Iarnrod Eireann for approval under the Railway Safety Act 2005.