Democracy Vs Consensus

There has been a perceptible draining of the centre of power out of Ireland in the last 4 weeks on account of our national budgetary position.  Just look at the stream of commentary – Ollie Rehn & Corporation Tax; the IMF; others in the European Commission; Trichet of the ECB; Fitch Ratings – the list goes on and on…

The government’s response? Build a national political consensus to show these people we are serious (mar dhea) about mending our own financial mess.

My view? Absolutely no way. Consensus is no substitute for robust debate – vitally important in times like these.  In the event of national “unity” and further criticism/commentary/eroding of soverign powers from the international organizations, what then? Not a good place to go….!

Fitch have no democratic mandate; they should stick to their knitting and take their political commentary elsewhere.

As for Ireland’s finances? Its time for a General Election and a full debate on how to fix this.

There is no other way.