DCC Swimming Pool – Usage Statistics

This is the first of what will be a series of posts where I will try and set out the facts behind the 3 City Council public swimming pools that are currently under financial strain.

The usage figures below are pretty stark and speak for themselves.

Total Visits    Per Pool 1998 2008 2009 01/01/09– 02/05/09 01/01/10– 03/05/10
Crumlin 67,054 40,148 35,265 11,493 9,704
Coolock 67,388 29,611 29,768 10,787 7,830
Sean McDermott 66,478 35,880 31,418 11,372 10,177

For example the usage of Coolock has more than halved between 1998 and 2009, while operating costs including wages have greatly increased in line with the general trend in Celtic Tiger Ireland.

The perceived wisdom behind these numbers is that private facilities springing up around the city has taken trade away from the DCC pools however this remains to be proven.

These figures set out in stark detail the challenges faced by councillors in our collective efforts to map out a positive future for these facilities.