Job opportunities – administrative posts in the European Commission

Competitions were launched last week to recruit administrators for the European Commission in 6 fields: European public administration, law, economics, audit, finance, statistics. Please note that if the first language of a candidate is Irish, the second language can be English. Further information is available by accessing the following link:

Sarkozy & Company

Are they trying to have it every way? (from today…) French brochure claims tax rate of 8.2pc Monday, March 21 08:28:47 The French Agency for International Investment cites an effective tax rate of 8.2pc in advertising literature aimed at attracting foreign business to the country , the Irish Times reveals this morning. Its claim […]

John Bruton On The Button (Again)

Said it here previously – where was the ECB when we were over-heating: Even more importantly – what will the ECB do now to accomodate Ireland’s policy requirements ; or will that institution just dance to the tune piped by the major European powers?

The Danes do it a different way…

Amagerbanken Senior Bondholders to Suffer Losses By John Glover – Feb 7, 2011 5:27 PM GMT Amagerbanken A/S, the insolvent Danish lender seized by the government, is the first European bank to be rescued under new regulations designed to ensure senior bondholders suffer losses in a bailout.

ECB Opinion on Stabilisation Legislation

Trichet and Co of ECB fame have issued a legal opinion on the proposed stabilisation legislation: en_con_2010_92_f Trichet and Co are unhappy; they have not been given enough time for this consultation etc etc etc How about some consultation with Ireland Inc on your monetary policy Mr Trichet?

Don’t Do It – Breaking Up the Euro

Good piece in this week’s Economist RE the major downsides (including the practical ones) of breaking up the Euro – worth a read:

2 Seminal Articles on Ireland’s Debt Crisis

Yesterday, from David McWilliams in the Indo: And today from Wolfgang Münchau from the FT in the Irish Times: As mentioned on this site previously, it is time to test the mettle of the bank debt-holders (preferably as Ireland Inc vs Deutsche Bank/Bank Paribas in the European Courts).  The Irish government must: Secure […]

Dear Angela

Dear Angela, We do not have much time so I’ll dispense with the pleasantaries. We are being offered bailout funds at 6.7% for 9-year money today – is this someone’s idea of a bad joke? That is on the extreme side of rip-off. How can we expect to ever work our way out of €83bn at […]