Fine Gael support for Government policy

(1) Fine Gael supported the Government on Lisbon II – in the national interest (2) Fine Gael unilaterally supports the Government in the retention of the 12.5% Corporation tax rate – probably the only remaining competitive differentiator for us when it somes to retaining/developing the multi-national base (particularly US-orginated). Garrett Fitzgerald writes in today’s Irish Times that […]

John Bruton and Anglo Irish

By far the most incisive commentary on the financial crisis in Ireland was delivered recently by John Bruton whose basic point was that: (1) The Anglo bail-out while massive and a real financial drag is finite and will eventually crystallize out at a figure  – estimated by S&P previously to be around €35bn (2) The ongoing current […]

Peter Sutherland and the Institute of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” Directors

Ain’t it great to see Peter Sutherland splashed across the main media today, giving some retrospective perspectives on Ireland’s economic woes and  opining that  “downward flexibility in wages and prices is essential to avoid unemployment”. I took the liberty of digging out a summary of his address from the IoD website and I noticed a few items that […]


Saturday’s Irish Times quotes Eamon Ryan as saying that “Getting those bond spreads down” was essential to reduce the cost of interest rates and keep “money in the country”. That is one bizarre statement. The oft-quoted “bond spread” is the difference in the return that international investors expect to get for buying Irish government debt versus buying […]

OECD Report and the Irish Economy

RTE carried a brief item on the latest OECD report on the Irish economy, which can be seen at the following link: Embedded within the report are two sentences that will together run a chill down the spine of the unemployed Joes/Josephines in Ireland:

Municipal Bonds – the downside?

DCC is examining the possibility of issuing Municipal Bonds to raise capital; a good idea and worth exploring in the right context in my book. HOWEVER… Worth looking at the practical downsides as described by Derek Scally in the Irish Times: Ouch!