Background to removal of Tree at Watermill Rd/James Larkin Rd junction

The tree on the corner or Watermill Road and James Larkin Road was made safe for health and safety reasons. The tree referred to was a mature specimen of Cupressus macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress). The tree had stood as a land mark for many years and the difficult decision to remove it and reduce its canopy was taken to prevent damage to persons or property.

The crowns of Mature Cupressus macrocarpa become brittle and shed branches, which is the nature of this particular tree species and in the wild in a remote landscape this of course is not an issue. However as this particular tree stood immediately adjacent to a major road junction and traffic lights, the risk to life and property was too great to keep the tree as it was.

As the tree has been such an important part of the landscape particularly for the local community it is Dublin City Council’s intention to mark this trees existence by commissioning an artist to sculpt the tree trunk and for that reason the tree was cut down to a height that makes it safe and leaving the rest in the hands of the artist.

The old dilapidated boundary wall immediately in front of the tree will be removed and a lower wall will be built behind the tree enabling the new art work to be a focal point at the Junction. Had this tree not been in an area of high risk and in another part of St Annes Park , it would not have been necessary to remove it.

Dave Dinnigan
Area Manager

Contact: Noel McEvoy, Executive Parks Superintendent