An open letter to Noel Coonan TD – 20/11/2014

Dear Noel,

I hope you are well.

There are two comments being attributed to you in Dáil dispatches today:
“The people protesting in Dublin are led by socialists and do not care about country people. ”

I personally know Dubliners who participated in the protest on the 1st of November 2014. They were not led there by any socialist – they decided to participate of their own accord. Many of them are one generation away from the countryside and have deep links with it.

“The protesters in Dublin act like parasites and live off country people as they have never acknowledged the role of country people. ”

Those same Dubliners will pay €83m in property tax in the Dublin City area in 2015 yet only €4.2m net of this will be available in the Dublin City area with approx €66m being redistributed by Central Government in one way or another.

Generalised commentary like this will not be helpful in getting the water situation resolved in the Dublin region.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr. Naoise Ó Muirí
Former Lord Mayor of Dublin
Fine Gael - Dublin Bay North
|40 Calderwood Avenue | Dublin 9 |Ireland